Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beaded Bag

In August Mindy and Louis got married and they recieved so many awesome gifts from people. There was one gift that I really want to tell you about. This is a hand crocheted, beaded bag. It is absolutely awesome. Inside the bag was $50 and a hand written card. The card says:

"I try to carefully count while I string the beads so that each loop has 31 days in it. This bag has 50 years worth of loops. May you see as many days together as there are beads. Know the discolored days are as important as the beautiful crystal clear days are. As it takes both to make a wonderful marriage. May you both be blessed with understanding of each other, and in the fullness of age fully understand what this bag means and pass it to your children on their wedding day."

The bag is beautiful and the message is even more beautiful. The sad thing is that the card was not signed. We have been going crazy trying to figure out who it came from. We would love to thank the person that made this amazing gift for Mindy and Louis. So if you made it or if you know who did, please tell us.

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