Sunday, October 5, 2008

Staying busy for a reason

I know that I have a million reasons to be busy but I realize that the main reason is to not think about how much I miss Jay. Sundays were always days that we would hang out all day. When we would wake up I would say if you go get the paper, I will fix you a nice breakfast. So out the door he would go. I would start cooking, I would eat, I would read the whole paper and he would still be on the sports page. Then he would hurry and eat, catch a quick shower and we would go to church. It takes all of us to manage Connor and Caleb and Kenzi in the back of church. Three little ones and five big people:) After church we would usually go get donuts or have a early lunch at the cafe. Then later I would fix a big dinner and all the kids would be here to eat with us. I love Sundays. Today I fixed breakfast for Taylor and his two buddies. Kenzi stayed the night with me so we had to snuggle a while before we got dressed for church. I had to get the paper, read it myself and no one to go get donuts with. It's really quiet. All the kids are gone somewhere today. I don't like quiet. I don't like alone. I bet if I fix a really good dinner they will all come and eat with me. I better get busy. Happy Sunday to you all.

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Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I'm sorry you missed the boys on Sunday, but granny made them bisquicks and gravy. Jug was so excited. With just him and me I don't cook breakfast very much. The fudge you made was fantastic! Thanks for the recipe. Casey was ready to ride a mule on saturday night but he left with the boys. So on sunday we saddled one but we couldn't get him on it. I really enjoyed their visit.
Love teresa