Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cell Phones

I remember over 20 years ago when we got our first cell phone. It was actually as big as a desk phone only in a bag that you plugged into your cigerette lighter in the pickup. I thought, wow, we are so important to have a cell phone. Jay loved to talk on the phone and it was an important piece of equipment. Over the years the phones got smaller and more necessary. He used his all the time. I, on the other hand didn't really need one until much later. Most of the time mine was in my purse and only used when I wanted to contact someone, not so much for business. During harvest time Jay would have his phone clipped to the neck of his sweatshirt so that he would always be able to hear it ring. With the helicopter, bailer and elevators going it was noisy and you couldn't miss a call. My phone was always with me but I didn't always need it. Now with Jay not here and harvest upon us, I carry my phone and his. They both ring often and I must be able to hear them. Every night I plug them in so that they are charged and ready to go. Years ago the kids showed us how to program ring tones so that the person calling you would be identified by a certain song playing instead of a ring tone. So , when Jay would call my phone it would play "I just called to say I love you." Now sometimes I use his phone to call my phone just to hear it ring. On his phone is actually his voice answering his voicemail. Sometimes I call his phone just to hear his voice. Then I can leave him a message. "I just called to say I love you."


Maison Douce said...

Pam, that is so sweet... What a beautiful love post! Take care,

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Phones, boy have they changed our lifes. Jay loved to call as he was driving down the road. Your story is true love. You are a strong woman!
love Teresa

Lisa said...

I found your blog through Stephanie's and I have read every single post. I am so touched by your words and your strength. I gave my husband an extra hug and while I already loved and appreciated him, I will remember to make sure he knows it every single day.

Your kids and grandkids are the cutest ever! (besides mine, of course) :)

Sharon said...

Oh Pam, that is just so sweet and so moving. How precious of you. My heart is so sad for you, I just can't express how I feel for you. I know you miss him so much. I pray that God will continue to heal your heart. It is so neat to know that you WILL see him again in heaven. That will be a wonderful, beautiful day.

God bless you!


Halo Hill said...

Oh Pam, what a touching post. You amaze me. Your strength and love and attitude have me in awe. I think of you often and fondly, and remember you in my prayers. What a strong, sweet person you are.


Auntie Joy said...

Hi Pam,
I know you are crazy busy with the trees. I am so proud of you and the way you are stepping up to your new life challenges are nothing short of amazing. I know Jay would be so proud of you.
When you have a chance I hope you will use one of your phones and call me!