Monday, October 6, 2008

The professional wedding pictures are here!

Kelly Miller Photography was who we chose to capture the most beautiful pictures for Mindy and Louis's wedding. She did an amaZing job. See for yourself. Go to Miller Photography then click on client gallery. There are two sites to look at. First is the album she put together for us. Look at the beautiful details. The pictures in the back ground are so cool. They are all so super cute. Then you can go to Mindy & Louis, pick a catagory and view all. LoVe THem aLL!!! Don't you think they look happy? We have some very gorgous kids. Tell me what you think.


adsgram said...

Pam...I opened and looked at the album with your blogsite also opened. It took a long time to see all of the photos, which were absolutely PERFECT, due to the background soundtrack. I had to take off my glasses a few times to wipe my tears...both happy and sad. What wonderful memories for you and your family. And yes, they are beautiful! God Bless you all!


Teresa Is Awesome! said...

The internet is wonderful. I loved looking at the photos and thanks for the pictures you sent down.
Love Teresa

Tropicana Rose said...

Pam... the pictures are AMAZING! I love the way Kelly put them together. They look so happy together and everyone looked like they had such a great time. What wonderful memories!!

Sharon said...

Wow...that picture looks neat! That cake looks fabulous. I tried to go on that site and I got lost and could not find them. Could you go there and then when you get on the page that shows your daughter you go up to the search web bar at the top of the page and it should have the http:// address there. You simply right click, copy and then you can paste it into your blog as a link. All the readers would have to do is click on the link and it would take us right there. I really want to see the pictures!

We only have one week! It is so exciting!

Love, Sharon