Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my mom's birthday. I won't tell you how old she is but I will tell you that she turned 40 just before I got married and in November I will have been married 30 years. I say "will "because I " will " always be married.

I'm not sure what the plan is for her today , but I am sure that they will do something special for her. All my brothers and sister are there with her today. I wish I was there too.

I guess that I will just wish her a wonderful day and tell her that I think she is an awesome mom. I hope to be just like her when I grow up. Happy Birthday Mama. This picture is of my mom and her sisters and their mom, my sweet grandma. My mom is on the far right.


linda said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your Mama! I hope she has a special day.

Sharon said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Mama! I wish you were there too. I love that picture. Have a great weekend Pam.

Love, Sharon