Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saving up some strength and courage.

Last week my brother called and said that he had lots of concord grapes in his yard and no time to do anything with them. So, we loaded up in the pickup and went over and picked them. There was LOTS of grapes! We brought them home and got out the juicer and made grape juice. We put the juice in the jars, screwed on the lids tight and put it on the shelf in the pantry for later. That got me thinking. It is really nice to be able to take something you have too much of and preserve it in a jar to have at another time. It would be really nice if you could do that with things like strength and courage. I never saw myself as a strong person or a couragous one. But in the last few months God has given me so much strength. And I know I have to have courage to get thru this. If only I could put some in a jar and get it out when I need some later on.


Sharon said...

Dearest Pam,

What a great post. I want you to know that I often think about you and I pray for you. My heart goes out to you as you are going through this journey. I am sure that you miss your husband more than words can say. I am so glad that you have the Lord and He is giving you His strength and courage. I have been reading in I Samuel and today read the story of David and Goliath. The commentary had so many excellent points about how David was so brave because he knew that the Lord would give him strength to fight the battle. In fact, David says "the battle is the Lords". It is very comforting.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and thoughts about my son's upcoming wedding.

I pray you have a good week.

Hugs, Sharon

P.S. I emailed Stephanie with the name of the tea house. We really should all try to get together sometime in November!

Halo Hill said...

How inspiring you are, Pam. You are amazingly strong and courageous in my eyes! WOW. I mentioned you (and your cooking skills) on a post about Joy's show on my blog. I hope you don't mind.

Hope to see you sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful post pam. the photo is incredible and then i read your words....bottle all the necessary things we need to get through this life with grace. yes i can understand that very well. i looked back through your blog to try and understand a bit more about who you are and i see you have had a huge loss in your life. i am very glad you came up to me at the sale and introduced yourself...well i had to sort of drag it out of you i guess :) but i am glad you did tell me how to find you :) i also see that we share a love for a song by POint of Grace.. the song you linked to is gone but was it this one ?
if it is i loved finding this and listened to it about a hundred times :)
you take care of yourself. i truly love those photos like jewels of light on the window sill.