Monday, January 5, 2009

Clean up Crew

The guys have been cleaning up the mess that the winds caused last week. It is amazing the mess that the storm made.

Martin came home just in time to see the mess. He was a timber faller before and he knows what he is doing. So we put him in charge of telling the others what to do.

Jr is working with the guys and his dad.

Casey looks like a supervisor. Always on his phone. Actually he was talking to someone to find out how long to cut the logs. We haven't decided if it is more valuable as firewood or to haul it to the mill.
Cody and Ryan discuss something??? I don't know if either one of them knows what they are talking about??????
They will be cutting limbs into fire wood and piling the rest to burn.
It will take quite a while to get it cleaned up. Right now we can't even get up the road to our house because the trees are criss-crossed all over the place. The other road is getting really muddy. I need to call and get a couple loads of gravel brought out.
Cody is showing us his big muscles. He went home to California for Christmas and missed the ice storm and the snow storm. Not sure he is glad he got back in time for the wind storm.
There were 11 trees that blew down but they had to fall 6 more (so far) that were leaning.
The mills say that the price of timber is WAY down now so I think we will just cut them to log length and pile them up and wait for the price to come up. I wish Jay was here, he would know just what to do.
Looks like we will have plenty of firewood just from the limbs alone.

There are limbs and debris all over the yard. It looks like a hurricane came thru here. We took a little drive up the canyon behind us and saw all the damage that the wind did back there. There were trees on top of houses and even one that went thru the house. It was split right in two. I guess when you think you have it bad there is someone else that has it worse. I am kinda glad that Taylor is back in school today. I have been having a hard time remembering what day it is. We need to get back into some sort of routine. Every time I think that I will be caught up on things, something else happens and I have all sorts of things to do. Oh well, I will never say that I am bored.


Sherry said...

WOW...what a job! We had an ice storm last year that made everything look like a war zone. We were without electric for 16 days and it came on Christmas Eve. The school I teach at had school for a week when I didn't have electric...let me tell you, three teenage girls, no electic...we hooked a generator up to one bathroom...we are use to four! It was an experience. Anyway my husband has cut wood his entire life he goes to cut a limb that had some pressure on it the limb caught his chain saw and flipped the end you hold right into his mouth ....we have a good dentist. The trees still look awful around here. I don't envy your cleaning up job.

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

You have some handsome workers! I would love to have a copy of the pictures of Cody.

Anonymous said...