Friday, January 23, 2009

Little treats

I just wanted to show you these very cute little treats that we have been making. Someone brought these to the family reunion last summer and they were so good. Connor and Caleb and Kenzi help me make them all the time. Now I just get the stuff out and they do the rest.

First ingredient: waffle shaped pretzels. Connor puts them on the cookie sheet.

Then you need hershy kisses. Unwrap the whole bag. The little guys are pretty good at this but occasionally one goes in their mouth.

Place one kiss on each waffle pretzel.

You need the oven turned on to 350. Place the cookie sheet with pretzels and kisses in the oven for just a little bit. Just to start melting the kiss.

Take them out and press one M&M down on top of the melted kiss. Thats all. Let them cool and eat them.

We've made them with rolo's and mini peanut butter cups but the kisses are the easiest.

That's all!


Dory said...

Hello Pamela,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love love love your blog! I get excited when I see you have posted a new one, its like chicken soup for the soul! you are such an inspirational woman! Its also really nice to see the kiddos, they are getting so big! I keep telling Mindy when I see her, that I want to get together with Stacy and Ryan and have the kids play..but maybe I just need to go straight to the source!!lol! I know Cody would just love to play with the boys and Kinzy too.. he loves girls, he has Kenna and Reagan he plays with all the time. anywho sorry this is so long, hahahaha.. if you ever need anything just let us know, we are always here!

much love,


Auntie Joy said...

Hi Pam
Hope you can come to the blog party, I should make these they look yummy!

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

It looks like you had lots of help and lots of fun. I love easy recipes.

Anonymous said...

I make these treats every year and take them to my coworkers. They always think I spend hours and hours making these wonderful little candies. They never realize until I tell them that all you do is stick a hershey kiss and m&m on a pretzel. I love it!! What an illusion!

-Kerry M.