Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Blast

Boy I was hoping that this new year would be peaceful. Last night the kids all came out for dinner so that we could tell each other what our "presence" days would be. (We are giving presence instead of presents this Christmas.) Everything was fine. Dinner was good. The kids were all playing games. Cody made it back home from California. All was well. I read some blogs and went to bed about 11:00. Around 2 am I woke up to HORRIBLE WINDS. It sounded like the roof was going to come off. I got up to look outside the windows but couldn't see much. There were limbs hitting the windows. The dogs were scared. Just as I went to get back in bed, the electricity went off. It was dark and scarey. I didn't know what to do. I could hear crashing but couldn't see what it was. When I got up again, I could see snow on the roof. What is going on? So this morning I got up. It was still dark and no power but I could kinda see outside. There was snow and some branches on the yard but it didn't look too bad. So I got in the car and started down the driveway to get the paper since I couldn't watch the news. But OH MY GOSH, I couldn't go anywhere. There were big fir trees down everywhere.

We counted 11 of them uprooted and at least 3 more that will have to come down. So I came back in the house and told the boys. They jumped up to see.
Now they all have the chain saws going and the backhoe out. They think they are loggers. They are just cutting the limbs off. I have a friend with a self load log truck that is coming to take a look. WHAT A MESS.
Stacy talked to the neighbors and they said that their big barn is leaning and will have to come down. Another guy lost 25 timber trees. What a mess. I guess after they get the dangerous trees cut down we can make some hot chocolate and pile limbs and make a big fire.


Sharon said...

That's so scary. I am so glad that the trees didn't fall on your house. My husband is a timber faller and those trees can be so very dangerous. I hope it cleans up easily for you.

Bless you!


Pink Grandma said...

Timber!! Wow what a mess to clean up but it looks like there's a tuff crew to log these trees.

Teresa Is Awesome! said...

Jug was jealous, he wanted to come up and be a timber faller for you! Sometimes he misses his old job.