Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I have been telling myself for months now that I need to start eating better, drinking more water and getting on the treadmill daily. But for whatever reasons it hasn't happened. First it was Mindy's wedding and then tree harvest and now I've run out of excuses. Yesterday I even went so far as to put on sweats and tennis shoes. I even sat in front of the treadmill and watched the University of Oregon bowl game. When I was at Costco a couple days ago I bought stuff like carrots and celery, hummus and skim milk. But I still have chocolates left from Christmas and I can't seem to throw them away. I have stocked up on Viactive and vitamins, bottled water and crystal light and fiber one bars. This is what I know that I need to do but would my friend Stephanie be offended if I didn't eat all the cute little chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and pretty sprinkles that she sent out here? I think so too. Besides, I was wondering, since New Years Day falls on a Thursday and that is just the middle of the week, should I just wait and start on the treadmill on Monday? Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. My motto for now is Merry Fitness and a Happy New Rear!!


Sherry said...

HA.....Thursday is NOT the day to start have my vote for Monday!

Found your blog a few months ago through another and I just started one so I never posted, but I have read and enjoyed and cried.

Merry Fitness and Happy New Rear right back at ya!

House Divided said...

Well here I am again trying to figure this blog thing out. Good thing Kimberly is home from school to help since I'm so technologically challenged as her and Jeffrey put it. I have my treadmill all ready to go too!!! I have new Nike tennis shoes that I bought when I was at your house.(still in the box), but I am determined that come February 27th when we leave for Mexico I will be in bikini body shape. Okay Pam, you can quit laughing now I was only joking. I just want to look decent in sweatpants and a tank top! See you Saturday. Donna

Arlene said...

I vote wait until Feb or March when the first comes on Sunday the first day of the week..What do you think? Cleverly written post.

Sharon said...

Cute! Happy new rear! hahahahahah! I'm with ya honey, it is so easy to put it off. I'm waiting until Monday, things just go better for me when I start on Monday! Just tell yourself its only for a week, just trick your mind. Then after the fourth day when you've lost two pounds you will be so excited that you will go more than a week. Well, that's what worked for me last time.

Good luck!
P.S. I think we need to start emailing about the details of our meeting. I am hoping for a Saturday this month, do you have any Saturdays that work better than others? Can't wait!!!

Pink Grandma said...

I think Grandpa should start Monday too.