Friday, December 5, 2008


Can I get a big AMEN!! We are almost finished with this years tree harvest. Everything has gone so smoothly. I know without a doubt that Jay was watching out for us on many occasions. I know that I told you about the fog and how we didn't have fog on any of our fly days with the helicopter. Even when it was foggy everywhere else we were clear to fly. I also wanted to tell you about another thing. Jay had both of his GPS's (global positioning system) with him. They were both destroyed. On them were all the coordinances for the different fields. This information is necessary for the helicopters to locate the fields. Without knowing how to use a GPS we were wondering what to do. One day Caleb and Connor were making their "time sheet" for me and putting them on a clipboard. When I was doing payroll I took their time sheet off the clipboard and there in Jay's handwriting was all the coordinances for each field.
Another thing that happened was this. Towards the end of harvest you have to look at your orders and check you inventory of trees cut and bailed on the landing. Sometimes the trucks get full before all the trees are on them. They don't want to come back for just a few trees so we try and adjust. We see who can use more and who might have too many. One guy had 243 extra trees. They are cut and bailed and he doesn't really want to come all the way back from Idaho if he doesn't have to. And then there is a field that we need to clear cut with approximately 220 trees left. WELL, last night a guy called from California and says he NEEDS 500 more of exactly the ones we need to get rid of. How about that???

On another note, a very good friend (teacher) of ours was accused of sexual abuse last February. We knew all along he was not guilty of this horrible thing. His trial was this week and yesterday he was found INNOCENT! Amen to that.

Also, my good friend Diane got test results back yesterday. Her cancer is only in the left breast and is not attatched to the muscle. She will have surgery soon to remove the breast. They will take a couple of lymph nodes and check them for cancer. The doctor told her she may not even need cemo. Please keep Diane in your prayers.


Kathi said...

God is so good. I'm so glad for you about the trees, and for the innocent man.


Teresa Is Awesome! said...

I'm so glad harvest went well. Thank you for sharing Casey with us. We had so much fun and he was a comfort for us. We lost a very dear young man on saturday morning. He worked for us, was a dear friend and had been working on the tree lot with Derek. He was going to work saturday but he was killed in a car accident on his way home saturday morning. Casey helped to fill the slack and kept us entertained. He flocked his first tree and was so proud when someone finally bought it saturday night.
That is great news about Diane1
Love Teresa