Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crazy Weather

This morning we were getting ready for church and it was raining outside. Mindy called and asked "Are you sure you want to come down to church?" " Why would I stay home because of the rain???? " I said. Well, there is an inversion going on cuz I am at 1000 feet of elevation and they are at maybe 500 ft. Here it was fine but as we went down a couple of miles it was all ice.

Every little thing was completely covered in ice. It was so pretty but so dangerous. We saw tree branches touching the ground, power lines down everywhere and people trying to stop traffic because of the downed trees and branches.

Every road we turned down was impassible. So we drove around and took pictures and talked to people. It was really quite fun. Then we went to the cafe to eat. It was packed. There were so many people in there. Everybody was out of power. It took over an hour to get served our breakfast ( which by now is lunch). Outside the restaurant was a tree lot.

This is the sign and the trees.

" Nope we don't have flocked trees but we do have frozen trees!"

Any way, after we ate , we drove around a little more to see the awesome sites. It is amazing what this weather is doing. We decided to come home, make a fire, play games and eat. Now it is snowing big gigantic flakes and everything is turning white again. I am glad that I don't have anywhere I need to be.


Nora Lee said...

Oh my! Yes the ice is pretty, but the destruction is unbelievable. We have more ice here than snow so I'm familiar with it...but it does makes pretty pictures!

Stay warm

Sharon said...

Wow! You guys got hit hard. I love your pictures. You have a real knack for photography! I am so glad that it ended up being a fun adventure and a cozy time at the cafe!

Be careful out there!
Hugs, Sharon