Tuesday, December 9, 2008

From Wahoo to Boohoo

We are finially down to our last load of Christmas trees. They should go out tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. The slings are hung back up in the barn. The pallets are all neatly stacked. The chainsaws are put away in the shop. The guys have been cleaning up the landings where the trees were staged. It has been a fast and furious six weeks. Now that it is almost over I find myself smiling and crying alot. I am so happy it's over. I'm so happy that we got it done with no problems, no injuries and no screw ups. That's the wahoo part. The boohoo part is that two of our full time guys are leaving for Mexico tonight. Even tho they will be back in a few months, I cried when I paid them and said goodbye. They are like my family and I like to have them here with me always. I cry cuz I am so proud of my family for helping get this season behind us. I cried when I think of all the prayers that were offered up for us. I cry whenever I think of Jay guiding us thru each day, thankful for all his notes and records. What the heck, I am crying right now. I call these tears liquid love. I think I better go squirt myself with "Happy" perfume.


BittersweetPunkin said...

I am so glad the Season was a smooth one for you...and bittersweet as well. I have been dreadfully behind on my visits with Friends...I think I need to update the links in my sidebar to the new version so I can see who is blogging and when so I don't get behind again.


Sharon said...

I am so happy it is all over and it was successful! Praise the Lord. You are so blessed with such supportive family and friends! I still want to get together with you and Stephanie! Lets try to meet in January.

Hugs! Sharon

Miss Mindy said...

I am glad it is over too. And just wanted you to know you I cry too. Alot. And I like that you call it liquid LOVE. I am crying now too...my makeup is all gone and now I have to go to work. Probably scare my clients. Oh well, i;ll just say its the look of Love. :)