Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Giving

Now that our kids are grown ups it is hard to think of something to get them for Christmas. It seems like they already have everything. So last year we decided to do something different. We gave them money. But they couldn't keep it or spend it on themselves. They had to find people who needed help. People who didn't have enough money for just the essentials, let alone for anything extra. They had so much fun that we did it again this year. This is them as they started out on their shopping. They had already done their homework and picked a few families that they wanted to help. They first contacted the schools, the churches and the food bank and asked for families they could help. After getting information such as ages of kids, sizes of clothes and shoes, or other needs, the lists were made and off to the stores they went. Stacy had the list and gave each one an item or two to go look for. We thought it was funny to see what each person picked out. Taylor was told to pick something out for a 12 year old girl. NO TAYLOR, not plaid flannel for a girl!!!!Casey and Louis were so happy they got to pick out toys. Where did Ryan go? Oh, he was sent to the grocery part to get hams and cheese and fruits and stuff. He also got double stuff oreos and gatorade and candys.

Mindy was so happy to pick out pink stuff and glittery stuff. It was really fun to see them pick and choose each person something special. They had one little boy that really just wanted his own toothbrush. Does that mean that they all shared one toothbrush?? Can you imagine? They got coats and shoes. They got toys and games, socks and gloves. They bought books and perfume and jewlery and backpacks.

Two stores later, five shopping carts full and they were done. They loaded it all in the car and went home to sort it all out. The next day they delivered their gifts to two of the families. The others were dropped off at school to be delivered by a teacher so they could remain annonymous. There were tears of joy in giving and tears of joy in recieving. It was so much fun. If I bought them each something for Christmas this year they would not be able to tell me next year what I had got them. But they will remember every thing they got for the families they chose and how it made them feel. Thanks kids, you made my day.


Sharon said...

This is such an amazing idea! Your family is so sweet and caring, not to mention generous. You are right, they will always remember doing this. Awesome!

Hugs, Sharon

Maison Douce said...

Well, they made my day, too... What a neat idea, Pam!!! Thank you!

Tropicana Rose said...

Well I'm in down decoration mode right now but I thoiught I would take a break and check my blogg. I'm so glad you put pictures up of the kids doing their shopping. I love that idea and have always felt that it is sooo much more exciting to give than receive. It's really what Christmas is about. I did however love my gift from the kids this year. They bought a big jar kinda like a cookie jar and wrote down some of their favorite memories from the past. As you can imagine I pulled out the first little note and the tears started. It's so heart warming to know that the little things we do for our kids that we think go un-noticed really don't. Harley remembers all those trips that he and I and his Great Grandpa had to take over to bend when he broke his leg. Grandpa didn't have to go but went anyway just to keep us company. Sam remembers all the trips to winco and costco just her and I. We dislike grocery shopping but love the time spent together. Amanda remembered her first driving experience that involved a giant dumpster and lack of steering ablility! The jar is so full now I'm not sure how many more will fit but they say they are going to add to it every year. I love it!! I will be very happy if that is the one thing my children decide on every year. Memories are pricless and last forever!

Pam, I hope that you find peace and comfort in the many memories of your family over the New Year.
Please know that you and yours are in our prayers and just a shout away if you ever need anything!

love, Jamie

Becky K. said...

I came over here from Rose of Sharon's Blog. Wow! Am I glad I did. You are so sweet!

I have learned so much about Christmas Tree farming that I didn't just a few minutes reading here.

Both my Dad and My Husband's Dad have passed away in the last three years. We moved both Mom's into houses on our street. It is so interesting to read your posts and how you deal with your loss.

We are learning boatloads about grief and how differently people process it.

What a blessing you are! I do hope you will continue to share your story and family. It is so inspiring...

Many Blessings!

Becky K.