Sunday, December 14, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Today Stacy and Mindy and I had some of our friends over for a cookie exchange. It was so much fun. We have done this for a few years in December after harvest is over. We tidy up the house, put out a few decorations and make some yummy treats for the girls. We even had snow outside for added decorations.

Everyone brought their favorite cookies along with their recipes. We all had lunch and then traded cookies.

There were lots of different kinds of cookies, bars and candies. I don't know who was more excited about this, us girls or the boys. They didn't have to clean house, make lunch, bake cookies or clean up afterwards. But they sure were happy to test all the cookies and tell us what ones were their favorites. Sometimes it took lots of trys to decide which ones they liked the best.


Stephanie said...

I hear I sent you lots of my pics?! I guess you could delete them from your comuter- I dont know how I did that?!
Thanks for the cool cookie exchange today, it was loads of fun :)
Have a good week and enjoy the snow !

Auntie Joy said...

Good Morning Pam!
Wow look at all those pictures and right where you wanted them! Are we computer nerds or what??
I had such a good time at your party thanks for hosting, it is one of my best Christmas treats. By the way I tried the utube from the previous post and it worked!

Sharon said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! What fun! The cookies looks awesome and your decorations are so adorable! I love your house!

xox Sharon